Linking Industry Together Since 1987

“XEBEC” is a Latin term for a three-masted sailboat that sailed in the Mediterranean Sea in the 14th century. The front sail of the XEBEC sailboat was made to receive and pass the winds efficiently to a central main sail to gain propelling power utilized to further strengthen the forward sailing motion and blow the winds by the third and last sail. XEBEC was designed with revolutionary features and voyaged the sea toward its destinations with high speed.

When we started XEBEC Technology, we aimed at the destination (to obtain the maximum satisfaction of and confidence from our customers) through applying the same principle as “XEBEC’s Three Sails”: close relationship raw-material suppliers, product manufacturers, and distributors / dealers who deliver the products to their customers. We believe that these three organizations should develop and enhance their own sophisticated technology and know-how and cooperate to accomplish their common goals.In regards to our company, our shareholders, executive management and employees should sufficiently perform each responsibility and the same time should esteem their roles and recognize their positions so that our entire team is jointly able to move in creating great value in the world.

We have turned these philosophies of developing and expanding our business onto the corporate name “XEBEC” and made them the basis of management of our corporation.

• Cutting Fiber - Excellent for edge de-burring & surface improvement
• Cross-Hole Deburring Tools - Excellent for I.D. de-burring, polishing, & point processing
• Ceramic Fiber Stones - For both hand and automated processes
• Meister Finish - Precise polishing of surfaces, curves, ribs, & bosses for the mold industry

We sell XEBEC® products in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan & Kentucky.

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