Linking Industry Together Since 1987

S.C.M. was founded in 1972, in Murisengo, Italy by Angelo and Eugenio Masoero, brothers who built and patented a rapid change chuck for tapping with an incorporated safety clutch, which was particularly suited to the machine tools used in that period. Over the years the company has broadened its production range and the technology has developed according to the machine tools our products are used on. S.C.M. obtained ISO 9001 Certification in 2000 and Vision 2000 certification in 2003. S.C.M. provides advanced engineering capabilities with efficient machining practices coupled with an effective marketing program that is present in all the most industrialized countries of the world. S.C.M. is still family owned and operated in Murisengo, Italy today. In 2003 a partnership was formed between S.C.M. and EuroLink to offer products throughout North America under the name SCM-America.

• Weler Chuck, High Clamping Chuck for high speed accurate drilling & milling operations
• Tension & Compression Tapping Chucks & Adapters, Size 1 through 4
• Syncrolize Tapping System, for Rigid Tapping on CNC machines
• European Standards, HSK, ISO, BT & DIN Standards

We sell SCM-America products in Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia & Kentucky.

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