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The roots of Glastonbury-Southern Gage began in 1962 when Glastonbury gage opened as a manufacturer of plain cylindrical plug and ring gages serving the aircraft, aerospace and automotive markets. Known for their reputation to produce to very exacting tolerance requirements, the company grew quickly to become the premier manufacturer of fixed limit gages, Part Master gages and special shapes masters in the USA. Wishing to continue their growth with quality products and services, Glastonbury Gage purchased the assets of the Southern Gage, the leading thread gage maker, in 1995. Founded in 1954, Southern Gage leads the industry with quality products and innovation. Southern Gage built their quality reputation by producing the highest quality thread gaging products and the ability to manufacture all types of gage products for both internal and external gaging applications. As a result of combining Southern Gage manufacturers a complete line of variable lint gaging systems, zero spindle fixture gaging systems and electronic comparator systems. The newest product offerings include ”Hi-Lo” style setting masters, BSP “full form” British standard pipe thread gages, API gages and special service such as “Redline Delivery”… When you need it fast! Glastonbury-Southern Gage continues to serve the automotive, aerospace, medical, off-road equipment, diesel engine, valve manufacturing, nuclear, fastener and industrial distribution industries. Glastonbury-Southern Gage is positioned to serve industry’s gaging requirements into the twenty-first century.

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Product Highlights:

  • API Working Gages
  • Cylindrical Gages
  • Master & Pipe Gages
  • Thread Plugs & Ring Gages
  • Surveillance Masters
  • Zero Spindles


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API Gages


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Cylindrical Taper Gages


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Surveillance Masters


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Taperlock Thread Plug Gages


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Thread Ring Gages


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