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The Cleveland Twist Drill Company, was founded in 1876. by Jacob D. Cox, Sr., he used $2,000 borrowed from his father to buy a 50 percent stake in C. C. Newton’s small twist drill factory in western New York. Later that year, he moved the company to Cleveland, Ohio. The 1968 merger of the Cleveland Twist Drill Company and the National Acme Company created Acme-Cleveland Corporation. Although Cleveland Twist Drill was Acme-Cleveland’s founding business, accounting for two-thirds of overall sales, it was sold in the fall of 1994 to longtime rival Greenfield Industries Inc. Cleveland Twist Drill tools are manufactured at product-specific plants across the globe. On-site development engineers and technical specialists assure that each tool meets the highest performance standards in the industry. In July 2009 TDC bought Cleveland Twist and is now part of Greenfield Industries.

Greenfield Industries is a leading manufacturer of expendable cutting tools and related products. The product lines include drills, end mills, taps, dies, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, tool bits, and more. These tools are used in a variety of applications—If it’s being drilled, cut, bored, dug, shaped, milled, stamped, formed, drawn, or threaded, Greenfield Industries products are hard at work. In 2009, Greenfield Industries became part of the Top-Eastern Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of twist drills. The blending of these two powerhouse companies allows both the global capacity necessary to engage in the world’s cutting tool markets. By combining the benefits of world-class manufacturing facilities, experienced sales and technical support, and well-known and respected brand names, Greenfield Industries delivers a winning combination to the market. As our family of customers, distributors, employees, products and services continues to grow, we maintain our commitment to excellence.

Product Picture

Product Highlights:

  • Drills & Reamers
  • Combined Drill & Countersinks
  • Counter Bores
  • End Mills & Milling Cutters
  • Slitting/Slotting Saws
  • Spot Drills


Cleveland Aluminum End Mills Flyer

Aluminum End Mills


Cleveland Aircraft Flyer

Aircraft Extension Drills


Cle-Line Cle-Max Flyer

CLE-MAX Jobber Drills


Cleveland Fast Taps Flyer

Fast Taps


Cleveland HSS-E Taps Flyer

HSS-E Taps


Cleveland Parabolic Drills Flyer

Parabolic Drills


Cleveland q-Cobalt Parabolic Jobber Drills Flyer

Q-Cobalt Parabolic Drills


Cleveland Taps Flyer



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