Linking Industry Together Since 1987

Since it’s inception in 1951, George Products Company has been a pioneer in the Metal Products Fabrication Industry. Now, with the addition of our OASIS line of portable inspection devices, George Products is continuing the tradition of innovative products, top-notch quality, and outstanding service that is unsurpassed in the industry.Quality products delivered on-time, and at an affordable price. Those are the underlying currents that flow through all areas of our company, from the sales department right down to shipping. We always strive to adapt ourselves to better meet the needs of our customers. At George Products, we realize how busy our customers are, which is why our focus is making their jobs easier.

• OASIS Elite
• OASIS Core
• OASIS CoreX2
• OASIS Elite Dual

We sell OASIS products in Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvana, West Virginia & Kentucky.

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