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Automated Inventory Systems was formed in 2007 to serve the inventory control needs of businesses everywhere and to reduce the organizations’ costs in the process. AIS has its headquarters located in Kearneysville, WV.

Using swipe-card, barcode or keypad technology, AIS is helping companies maintain cost-reducing control over their valuable and expensive property through state-of-the-art vending technology. The inventories of tools, equipment and supplies can now be monitored to ensure secure tracking of all items. Users of company property can now be held accountable for that property. These new vendors are known as The Keepers.

AIS presents The Keeper, a sophisticated dispenser of supplies which features patented Sensit® technology for guaranteed dispensing every time. Keeper models vary depending upon the sizes and quantities of the items to be stored. Store, dispense, and track everything from endmills and inserts to hammers, safety gloves, and drill bits. Using keypad, magnetic card, or bar code technology, The Keeper Care System gives you exact inventory levels and ccountability of use; essential data for performance appraisal.

We sell AIS products in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Kentucky.

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